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Profiling the LEXUS SC430 aka "SC570SC" - TRD Supercharged Tundra 5.7 Liter 3URFE Build!

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Photo by Tony Nguyen

Above is our 2007 Lexus SC430 with BRS Autodesign 3" wide body & 20" VIP Modular Wheels which was completed for SEMA 2007.  Even 7 years later I continue to promote the product sponsors associated with this build by religiously frequenting car shows and race events such as Formula Drift.  History shows as do the links to the left that when I participate in a car build it gets published and they go on to compete at a  pro level.  Three of my previous builds competed for multiple years in the Formula Drift series with drivers including Michihiro Takatori, Kenji Yamanaka, Ron Ewerth and Forrest Wang piloting them.  Our engine program at the time comprised of Stillen Supercharged Titan truck engines powering all three Nissans which had many success including 3rd place finish at the House of Drift in Irwindale, CA which is no easy task.
My philosophy is simple.  "Supercharge a large displacement truck engine and find a way to fit that motor into a well balanced drift chassis of similar make." 


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"As a builder and driver I continually think outside the box and strive to create something uniquely special.  In fact if a similar setup has been built before you will most likely not see me going in a similar direction"  

Powered by TRD Supercharged Toyota Tundra 5.7 Liter 3URFE.
Quad Cams with Toyota's VVT-i
Tons of linier power without overworking the motor!


Lexus build

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Year: 2003
Make: Lexus
Model: SC430
Transmission: 6 Speed
Clutch Assy/Type: Twin Plate Carbon Kevlar Exedy
Differential Type: 2.0 way TOMEI Technical Trax
Valve Train: Stock
Exhaust: JBA Performance Exhaust
Steering Quickener: No
Steering Wheel Make/Model: TBD
Aero: TBD
Wing: APR
Engine Management - Aftermarket

Engine Type: V8
Engine Model: Toyota Tundra 3URFE 5.7
Induction Type: TRD Supercharger
Suspension: Coilovers JIC Magic
Suspension arms: FIGS Engineering ProAngle Kit
Wheel Make: TBD
Front Size: 18x9
Rear Size:  18x10
Gauges: OEM
Paint: TBD
Seat Belts: ???
Intake: K&N
Brakes: TBD

Clips from
Dreams to Champions
which aired on Fox Sports SPEED Channel
2012 championship in the Formula Drift Series. 

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